An Insider's Guide to Midtown Atlanta

An Insider's Guide to Midtown Atlanta

Known for its rich history and its diverse heritage, Atlanta is the most populated city in Georgia and one of the most populated cities in the entire country. With a calendar full of fun things to do, in addition to fantastic restaurants to try and new districts to explore, this vibrant city is highly sought-after. So, if you’re considering Midtown Atlanta real estate for your new home, you may have some questions about what you can expect. Read on for an expert guide from top Realtor® Sonny Jones to plan out your adventures in this incredible area. 

History of Midtown Atlanta

Although Midtown Atlanta has experienced plenty of revitalization over the last several years, the neighborhood has a rich history. Initially, the area primarily consisted of residential properties through the latter half of the 19th century. Around 1920, the area began to transform as more businesses moved into the neighborhood. Many of the oldest homes and apartment buildings nearby were torn down to make room for new commercial developments. The area’s appeal soared immensely throughout the 1970s and 1980s, as many businesses were restored and new office buildings and high-rise residential towers started to come up.  

Popular neighborhoods

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Just northeast of Midtown, Ansley Park is a historic district with spacious homes and tree-lined streets. Replete with gorgeous properties, residents enjoy the quiet residential feel and the proximity to nearby Piedmont Park. 

Atlantic Station is a popular neighborhood near an old steel mill, and the community isn’t far from some of the best restaurants and shops in the area. It’s easy to get around the neighborhood on foot, and it’s a popular choice for residents who desire a more commercial or urban lifestyle, with retailers and a theater within reach. 

A robust job market

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There are plenty of jobs available in Midtown Atlanta for employees of all professions and experience levels. Many Midtown Atlanta residents work in healthcare and education. Some also work for major technology corporations, such as AT&T, Cisco Systems, and IBM. Others work at the corporate headquarters for Georgia-Pacific and Home Depot, while hospitality and tourism employ a wide range of professionals as well. 

Cost of living

The cost of living in Midtown Atlanta is higher than in other areas of Atlanta and ranks about 20% higher than the national average. Housing costs are the main reason for the added expense, as Midtown Atlanta residents pay more than renters and homeowners across the nation. According to the latest report by the NAR, the average Midtown Atlanta home costs just under $400,000. Goods and services in Midtown Atlanta are more expensive as well, but not by the same margin as housing costs. Groceries and utilities are on par with the statewide averages.


Midtown Atlanta is incredibly walkable, although many residents own cars. With that said, however, parking can often be a struggle, and traffic is heavy during rush hour.

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) services the entire Atlanta area, and there are several rail and bus lines that run through Midtown Atlanta for added convenience of travel. In addition, residents enjoy easy access to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which is one of the largest airports in the world and can easily take you throughout the country and across the globe. 

An exciting array of things to do and see

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As the mainstay of the Midtown community, the popular Piedmont Park is well-known for its onsite lake and large open spaces, perfect for relaxing or picnicking under the sunny skies. The park welcomes over six million visitors annually, many of them families who enjoy time at the playground, pool, and 200 acres of green spaces. It’s a popular spot for running, summer camps, astronomy programs, biking, and trivia nights. The park also hosts the Atlanta Jazz Festival, Pride Festival, and many more fun-filled festivities. 

Adjacent to the park, you’ll also find the Atlanta Botanical Garden, replete with 30 gorgeous acres of plant life. From the Skyline Garden to the Canopy Walk, you can enjoy the wonder of nature all around you. The garden also hosts community events, like Valentine's Day in the Garden, educational youth programs, storybook time, drawing classes, and much more.

If you’re seeking some inspiration, head up to the High Museum of Art, one of the most popular art museums in the entire Southeast, to marvel at the notable works produced by a number of American and international artists. If you want to catch a show, don’t miss the Fox Theatre, where you can watch exquisite performances like Dancing with the Stars, the Tina Turner Musical, Moulin Rouge, and so much more.

For a bit of retail therapy, the Midtown Mile section of Peachtree Street has what you seek. From designer clothes to unique gifts and knick-knacks, you are sure to complete your shopping list. 

Excellent restaurants to explore

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After all this fun, you will surely work up an appetite. South City Kitchen Midtown is popular for its southern classics in an upscale dining room. Many guests flock to this dining destination when they open early for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. You also can’t go wrong with Ecco Midtown, known for its seasonal menu made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. From the seared swordfish to the mushroom flatbread and braised pork pasts, you are sure not to walk away hungry.

Great schools

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Midtown Atlanta is home to a number of excellent public and private schools, in addition to several prestigious universities and research centers. Many students will begin their education at Morningside Elementary School, a highly-rated elementary school with nearly 850 students between kindergarten and 5th grade. 

There are also numerous renowned private schools in the area, such as The Lovett School and The Westminster Schools. If you’re looking for higher educational institutions, consider Georgia Tech or Atlanta Technical College.

Weather overview

Temperatures in Atlanta are mild and pleasant throughout the year. The average daily high in July is 90 degrees, making this the warmest month of the year. January is the coldest month, but even then, the average daily high is still 53 degrees. Between March and November, six months have average daily highs between 64 and 83 degrees. Most months experience between six and eight days of rain on average, with slightly less rainfall coming in September and October. 

Ready to get started?

If you are intrigued by all that Midtown Atlanta has to offer, perhaps you’re interested in finding a home in the area. Team up with only the best. Sonny Jones is an experienced Atlanta real estate agent who has the skills and expertise to guide you toward your goals. He takes pride in providing high levels of value and customer service to each client he works with. Reach out to Sonny to get started on your real estate journey today.

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