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7 Restaurants to Try in Morningside

Morningside is a pocket of old-fashioned Atlanta clandestinely tucked behind high-trafficked commercial zones. The area was annexed in 1925 and transformed into a modern suburb with all the latest advancements and conveniences. Crossing over into Morningside is like stepping onto a film set. The lush parks, charming corner shops, and neighbors waving as they meander the sidewalks are part of the charm exuded by this community.
The thriving residential neighborhoods feature eclectic cottages and bungalows, many lovingly restored to their former glory. Mixed among those are modern new builds and apartments, each bringing its own character and charm. The enthusiastic and neighborly residents are highly involved in local organizations, whether in schools, community events, or politics.
Though Morningside is steps from Atlanta’s cosmopolitan center, it’s a world of its own. This community has plenty to do and enjoy in this community, from parks and nature preserves to local shops and fancy restaurants. If you want to experience some of the best restaurants in Morningside, you’re in luck. Here are seven of the best restaurants you won’t want to miss.


1397 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA

Nowak’s comes from a long line of rich Atlanta steakhouse heritage. Owner Blaiss Nowak has plenty of experience working in steakhouses and used that experience to transform Nowak’s into the charming neighborhood restaurant locals know today. Nowak’s offers the perfect cozy neighborhood atmosphere for friends and family to gather and enjoy excellent food and wine in the heart of the neighborhood. Feast on delicious steaks and mouthwatering seafood, crab cakes, and classic chicken dishes. This is the perfect spot to grab a cocktail and enjoy a quality meal with your family and friends.

Alon’s Bakery & Market

1394 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta

Alon's Bakery is a neighborhood favorite and award-winning restaurant. It emulates the feel of a European bakery, with fresh pastries and loaves baked each morning. However, the deliciousness doesn’t stop with pastries and cakes and bread because they also have a menu brimming with prepared lunch options. There are lunch and dinner boxes for takeaway, including options for sandwiches and salads and other entrees. It’s the perfect mix of convenience and appetizing for those who need something on the go.


1931 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta

Nino’s Italian Restaurant has been the go-to spot for classic Italian fare in Atlanta for over fifty years. This family-owned restaurant has made a name for itself with impeccable service, traditional dishes, and a warm atmosphere that’s perfect for celebrations and family gatherings. Their menu includes antipasti items such as escargot and baked clams, traditionally prepared pasta items including several vegetarian options and an extensive wine list that is sure to please every palate.

Whiskey Bird

1409 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA

Whiskey Bird is a unique and innovative restaurant in Morningside that brings together vibrant Asian flavors with the diversity of American cuisine. Their dishes embody an inventive and creative spirit, designed to be unexpected and unforgettable. There are two dining areas to choose from, inside the clean and sleek dining room or outside on the patio. The interior is expertly designed with vibrant colors and palm tree decor, creating a fun and inviting space for guests. The menu offers mouth-watering dishes ranging from salads and sandwiches to delicious desserts. Try their unique Caesar salad with cotija cheese and a miso caesar dressing or the Whiskey Bird burger with a bun straight from the local bakery. Don’t forget to hang around for dessert, which is one of the menu highlights. The warm brownie sundae is the perfect ending to your meal. The warm, gooey brownie is expertly paired with vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, whipped cream, and cherries. If you prefer a lighter dessert, try their Key lime pie bar.

The Family Dog

1402 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA

This casual Southern-style bar serves delicious American fare. Feast on appetizers of fried pickles, chickpea hummus, and Brussels sprouts before moving on to one of their main courses. Try the pastrami and kraut sandwich with homemade pastrami, swiss cheese, kraut, and Russian dressing on fresh rye bread. Or try the Kale salad with shaved Brussels sprouts, napa cabbage, green apples, dried cranberries, toasted almonds, and a buttermilk vinaigrette. Their handcrafted cocktails are expertly created with fresh ingredients and perfect for your meal. Visit The Family Dog with your pet and sit at any of the pet-friendly outdoor tables or come with family and friends to enjoy live music and delicious menu options.

Doc Chey’s

1424 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA

Doc Chey’s is perfect for heaping noodle bowls, stir-fries, and handmade dim sum. Their menu offerings are inspired by the various countries of Asia and bring inspired influences from Japan, Thailand, and Korea. As Atlanta’s premiere noodle house, they’ve served the residents generous and delicious portions of “peace, love, and noodles” for over a decade.
Doc Chey’s approach to food is simple and focuses on scratch-made food with fresh, local ingredients. Each delicious bowl of noodles or stir-fry takes your tastebuds on a journey using fresh vegetables, made-from-scratch sauces, and the freshest meats and seafood available.
You’ll never taste anything that hasn’t been expertly handcrafted or made with love. With a welcoming atmosphere, incredible meal offerings, and generous portions, it’s easy to see why Doc Chey’s has won Best of Atlanta awards through the years.

Little Rey

1878 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta

Little Rey is a charmingly colorful counter-service spot. While the line is almost always long, it moves efficiently, and it won’t be long before you’re picking your seat on either their outdoor patio or at one of the indoor tables surrounded by plants and quaint decor. Their menu is delightfully Tex Mex, with pancakes, elote bowls, street tacos, and queso fries. They also have a breakfast taco menu available from 9 am to 3 pm on the weekends, and beers and margaritas. This is the type of unfussy, delicious spot that keeps locals coming back again and again.

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